A study conducted by the PMA Companies’ Insurance Group, a risk management provider with a specialization in workers’ compensation, offers advice to employers on how to better adjust to an aging workforce.

The report, “Capitalizing on an Aging Workforce,” was written by Ken Nogan, risk control consultant for PMA Insurance Group, and discusses how older workers — typically those ages 65 and older — are staying in the workforce longer and working more hours. Because of these statistics, employers should be prepared to address potential workers’ compensation issues such as falls, musculoskeletal disorders like rotator cuff injuries and back strain, increased healing times, greater overall workers’ compensation claim costs, and increased fatality rates.

Keeping these topics as his focus, Nogan offers tangible advice to employers who find themselves with older workers. He focuses on prevention aspects, including 10 ways to guard against slip-and-fall accidents, the importance of ergonomic evaluations in workspaces and workstations, how task rotation can prevent repetitive stress problems, and how to implement safe driving programs.

“Training programs that address proper lifting techniques, how to prevent back strains, the importance of taking breaks, and simple stretching techniques help older workers to protect themselves,” writes Nogan. “Older workers may also appreciate the opportunity to assist with risk control efforts. Assigning ‘Safety Captain’ responsibilities to older workers on a rotating schedule, such as monitoring traffic areas for slip and fall hazards or leading task rotation, will involve them in the process and likely increase the effectiveness of risk control efforts.”

The complete 12-page report is available for download by clicking here.