It’s not often that the insurance industry experiences a rarity like this one. The Texas Department of Insurance has recently reported that they have not had one complaint filed on how claims were handled after Hurricane Humberto.

Policyholders in Texas have several ways to file complaints with the Texas Department of Insurance, which include by mail, e-mail, the Consumer Protection Hotline, or file complaints anonymously.

The storm struck High Island, Texas last September with 85 mph winds and was the only hurricane to strike the U.S. mainland in the last two years. According to the Insurance Council of Texas, approximately 97 percent of the windstorm claims from Hurricane Humberto have been settled with insured losses estimated near $30 million. While some claims are still coming in, the breakdown comes out to 90 percent of the claims were residential and 10 percent commercial.

“We responded very quickly and may have over-responded with more personnel than needed, but, I am very proud of the fact that not one complaint has been filed,” said Texas Windstorm Insurance Association Director Jim Oliver in a release.

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