The Professional Insurance Agents of Arkansas (PIAA), which consists of 10 offices and more than 70 claim representatives, has recently changed the name of its “Person of the Year” award to recognize Progressive’s Arkansas claim organization.

According to Progressive, PIAA members of more than 250 insurance agencies around the state were asked to vote for the claim person they thought was the best at responding to customers’ needs, making the claim process easy. The Progressive Arkansas claim organization provides in-person claim service to all customers of the Progressive Group of Insurance Companies, which is one of the largest auto insurers in the state.

Linda Thompson, executive vice president of PIAA, said in a release, “The overwhelming majority of votes came back all folks at Progressive claims.”

It was then decided to rename the award, making the Progressive Arkansas claim organization the Claim Department of the Year.

“An independent insurance agent represents lots of different companies, so to be singled out by Arkansas agents as providing the best claim service among all companies in the state is really special. It means we’re doing a great job of making them, and their customers, happy,” said Kenny Teaster, Progressive Arkansas claim manager, in a release.