Palisades has been ranked the number one auto insurer in New Jersey for the third year in a row, after receiving no valid complaints, according to the New Jersey Department of Banking Insurance’s 2006 Auto Insurance Consumer Information Report.

Palisades is a local company that promotes exceptional customer and claim service, and is the second largest independent agent auto insurer in the state. Palisades has labeled themselves as “the nice New Jersey auto insurance company,” and the Crashbusters mobile claim service program is one way that they try to deliver on their promise of above-average customer service. The mobile appraisal units come to the insured’s location and evaluate the damaged vehicle on site.

Another program that Palisades offers is the door-to-door valet claim service, which arranges to pick up a customer’s vehicle, bring it to a repair shop, and return it to the customer once it is repaired at no additional charge. Palisades also guarantees the repairs as long as the customer owns the car.

President and CEO Ed Fernandez believes that the reason for the growing success of Palisades is due to being local to New Jersey.

“We live here, we work here, we drive here, and we understand the needs of New Jersey drivers,” said Fernandez, in a release. “When an insured has an accident, they call into our [local] office; a claim appraiser is available 24/7 and can quickly respond. Our corporate culture is designed to support a high level of customer service not found at other insurance companies.”

According to Palisades, the insurer writes more than $140 million in personal auto coverage across New Jersey.