Claims News Service, May 16, 9:25 a.m. EDT — Twelve of America’s most renowned doctors presented their latest findings to maximize outcomes in seriously injured workers to 165 attendees recently in Boston. The event was hosted by Best Doctors Inc. and American Re-Insurance Company, with the intended goal of helping workers’ comp medical professionals and claim managers improve the quality of care and cut costs.

The physicians covered the most serious and costly on-the-job injuries, including brain trauma, burns, and musculoskeletal injuries.

“Making sure injured workers get the right care not only improves outcomes, but also substantially reduces costs,” said Evan Falchuk, President of Best Doctors. “It is through access to extraordinary doctors like the ones here today that Best Doctors is able to help so many hundreds of injured workers across the country.”

While the speakers covered in great detail the particulars of their specialty areas, one common theme emerged. It is critically important to have expert medical guidance on each and every case of serious injury. All too often, patients with serious and dynamic injuries get lost in a system that is often one-size-fits-all, and this, as much as anything else, can cause the poor outcomes many workers experience.

“The central problem in our medical system is that while it is set up to effectively deal with discrete phases of care, it is not set up to transition patients effectively between these phases and certainly not to move patients back and forth among them,” said Bruce Sundquist, vice president of claims at American Re. “Best Doctors addresses this problem by making sure an expert is always driving the process, that there is a continual transition between these phases of care, and that each patient gets the kind of care that they need to get well.”