Insurance Services Office and Injury Sciences have entered into an alliance to provide insurers with information about automobile accidents retrieved from vehicles’ electronic data recorders. The EDR information will be available on ClaimSearch, ISO’s claim database.

“We have created this service with Injury Sciences to provide the most comprehensive approach for the identification of, and cost-effective access to, objective EDR data to help claim personnel handle accident claims and verify the information provided by the parties involved,” said Vincent Cialdella, vice president of ClaimSearch. “The service will be a major step toward streamlining the automobile claim work flow and supporting the detection of fraudulent claims.”

As part of its basic claim-processing service, ClaimSearch automatically will notify users when EDR information is available from any of the vehicles involved in accidents. The EDR indicator and information summary will be part of the ClaimSearch system’s standard offering in claim reports, as well as through queries initiated by claim or special investigation personnel.

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