Now that I’ve got your attention, there’s nothing really bad or ugly about the Loss Executives Association. Having been around for three-quarters of a century, LEA manages to continually take an accurate pulse of the insurance industry–the newest and most prevalent challenges, obstacles, and, for lack of a better word, “strides” forward. This year’s 74th Spring Meeting and Educational Forum reinforced that reputation.

Welcoming comments by The Honorable Alfred W. Redmer, Insurance Commissioner of Maryland, was proof positive that the industry at large, and its governing bodies, recognize the importance and clout of LEA’s prestigious membership, consisting of the highest echelons of claim management personnel. The general sessions and workshops were timely and relevant, incorporating such topics as business interruption, the threat of terrorists and dirty bomb scenarios, fire loss recovery, and more.

And as they move forward in anticipation of its Diamond Jubilee in January 2006, the LEA has embarked on the daunting mission of reaffirming their strategic foundation and establishing refined priorities to make the association stronger and more responsive to the needs of an expanding membership. Among those priorities:

Enhance Membership

  • Identify and implement at least three activities to attract new members, including women, younger claim management personnel, and other diverse groups.
  • Identify and implement activities to motivate current regular members to introduce others to become regular members.

Validate the Identity of the LEA

  • Evaluate the name, brand, and objective of the organization for appropriateness to membership and mission.
  • Create ways to market the selected name/brand/objectives.

Examine and Evaluate Educational Programs

  • Examine current offerings and identify ways to make them more effective for the attendees–CE, scope of topics/speakers, location, format, modules, etc.
  • Develop a list of specific activities to increase educational opportunities, i.e. host regional meetings, co-sponsor various ancillary programs, etc.

These investigations into strategic moves began with informal breakout meetings in Baltimore, and the process will continue throughout the summer and fall. A report on these initiatives is scheduled for the winter meeting in Tampa, in January. In the meantime, visit LEA’s web site,, for detailed information and membership application.

Oh yes, I suppose there was one bad thing about the recent meeting. Since it was moved to Baltimore from Portland, Maine, we weren’t treated to the traditional lobster bake. The crab cakes were fine, though–if you like crab cakes.