Afni Offers Automated Transaction Records On CSR24 Product

Software provider Afni Insurance Services, based in Simsbury, Conn., has released a new “write-back” software program in its CSR24 product.

The write-back program automatically records each CSR24 transaction in the agents agency management system. This new program eliminates the need for agency staff to manually input a record of the transaction and eliminates the potential for lost or incorrectly logged information, the provider said.

To accomplish this, the program creates an activity log or diary entry in the agencys management system for each change or service request processed through CSR24, the company explained. The management system also retrieves data updates from the CSR24 servers. All Internet communications are encrypted, and change records are delivered in the ACORD XML Message format.

Future enhancements planned include the delivery of an ACORD XML submission to the carrier, said Afni.

As a result of this new software program, CSR24 can now include a complete database of all transactions submitted for each customer, the company noted. Agency staff can search the database for old change requests.

“CSR24 is an extension of the agent’s existing service processes,” said Richard H. Roy, chairman and chief executive officer of Afni.

He said the CSR24 is built upon what agents currently provide their customers and extends their service capabilities. With the new write-back software, agents can efficiently track their client service transactions that take place over the telephone or the Internet. It also tracks changes performed either after hours or through online self-service functions.

“CSR24 remains the only industry product that services the agents customers through both the Internet and the telephone, 24/7,” said Mr. Roy.

“Now its the only product that will register those Internet and telephone transactions on an agents agency management system,” he continued.

The software was scheduled for full release with two AMS agency management systems, AfW and Sagitta, by March 31. Plans call for making the software available to all systems over time, said Afni.

Amy Batson, senior market analyst for Afni, said the provider is working with Applied Systems to add the software to their product before the ACORD annual conference in mid-May.

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