Cinema Insurit?, Fraud Film Wins Kudos

By Daniel Hays

NU Online News Service, Aug. 6, 3:39 p.m. EDT?Short subject films generally get limited play in art houses and smaller theatres, but the makers of a not exactly cinema verit? film about an insurance scam say they may have found an insurance industry audience as well.

A publicity spokesperson for the film, “Blanston,” said it wasn’t created for the industry, but it was made with assistance from a technical advisor, David Beacom an investigator for Xcel Energy of Minneapolis and the script writer/ director Jamin Winans took pains to make it accurate.

Double-Edge Films of Denver, the makers of the 29-minute movie, won four stars for their film from the Filmthreat Web site, which called it a “taut, well written little film” and the Denver Post called it “visually crisp, beautifully shot.”

Its technical accuracy has drawn the attention of the Professional Investigative Engineers adjusting group and it is scheduled to be shown at the Sept. 11 Insurance Fraud meeting of the Rocky Mountain Property Claims Association of Westminster, Colo.

The plot of the film involves a scheme by a computer technician, Blanston, who teams up with an insurance investigator, an adjuster and a secretary to create a non-existent accident victim with a $10 million claim against an insurer.

Wendy Manning, publicity director for Double-Edge said Mr. Winans had some knowledge of the insurance industry before he wrote the script because his father had been in the business.

She said the company is now marketing the film to the industry to see if any more conferences are interested.