Agents Group Adds Brokers To Its Title

NU Online News Service, May 9, 2:44 p.m.-EDT?The Independent Insurance Agents Association of New York Inc. has voted to change the name of the 121-year-old trade organization to the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of New York Inc.

The Syracuse-based association said the change would have no effect on current membership or relationships.

“Our members recognize that the lines between agents and brokers in New York are becoming more blurred, especially as far as the public’s perception is concerned,” said Maura T. Clancy, the association’s chairman.

Ms. Clancy, who is president of Clancy & Clancy Brokerage Ltd. in Garden City, N.Y., said, “In fact, many of our members possess agent and broker’s licenses so that they can provide the most options in securing coverage for their clients. Thus, the new name is a natural fit for us.”

The name change was approved during the association’s May 8 Annual Business Meeting in Garden City, N.Y. It becomes official after all New York State regulatory incorporation requirements are met.

The group has operated as the Independent Insurance Agents Association of New York since 1976. It was founded in 1882 as the New York State Association of Local Fire Insurance Agents. It is one of the nation’s oldest associations representing independent insurance producers, the IIABNY said. The group has also been known as the New York Association of Local Agents and New York State Association of Insurance Agents.