IIABA Virtual U. Opens Sales Course

NU Online News Service, Jan. 31, 2:45 p.m. EST?The Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, announced it is now offering Richardson “QuickSkills,” through its Virtual University.

The program, the Alexandria, Va.-based association said, is designed to enhance producer’s abilities to meet clients’ needs and communicate with prospective customers.

The programs, “Consultative Selling Series” and “Six Critical Sales Skills Series,” are offered through the Virtual University in conjunction with Richardson, an internationally recognized sales training and consulting firm.

The interactive Web-based courses can be taken on a per-module basis or as two complete programs, according to the IIABA.

“Consultative Selling” is a six-part sales training program that looks at sales as an interactive process and offers courses that make up the framework of a sales call. Courses include: Opening, Need Dialogue, Resolving Objections, Solution Dialogue, Closing and Preparation.

“Six Critical Skills Series” is an eight-part sales training program representing the foundation of a client-focused sales process. The six skills?questioning, listening, positioning, checking, presence and relating?are the essential skills salespeople need to effectively understand client needs, position winning solutions, build long-term relationships and close a sale, the association said.

More information about VU classrooms is available by visiting www.independentagent.com and selecting the “Virtual University” tab.