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October 29, 2012

Special Report



  • Joan Zerkovich: Data Diver

    Joan Zerkovich is the newly appointed Senior Vice President of Operations for the American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS), an advisory organization that develops policy forms and ratings information used by more than 700 P&C insurers throughout the U.S. Here she talks with NU about AAIS’ efforts to make available more...

  • Goodbye, Joe

    We’re going to miss Joe. No, not our current vice president: Joe Plumeri, outgoing CEO of Willis Group Holdings.

  • Using ‘Gecko Tools’ on Commercial Customers

    Most people in our business love to denigrate Flo and the gecko as icons of “commoditized” insurance, a cookie-cutter sales and service approach that only works for the most basic personal-lines coverage. Online rate-shopping, instant quotes and Web-based customer service may be convenient, but they have nothing to do with...

  • The Young & (Not) Restless

    In 2009, Reagan Consulting conducted “The Young Producer Study,” a project designed to identify and investigate those firms that had demonstrated success after recruiting and hiring young (under 30) producers.

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