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Here are our top 5 insurance stories of 2015

(Photo: Shutterstock)
(Photo: Shutterstock)

We've written a lot stories this past year that have appeared on and also in the National Underwriter Property & Casualty magazine.

In the waning days of 2015, our editors took a look back through National Underwriter and picked our Top 5 favorites.

And here is what we think are the best of the best stories we've brought you:

No. 5: Key strategies for growing your agency

Key strategies

With many P&C rates remaining low and competition fierce among independent agents, every possible edge must be exploited in helping your agency remain successful.  Read it here.



No. 4.: Owning It: Starr Cos.’s Leilani Brown

Leilani Brown

Leilani Brown is, in a word, authentic.

She exudes confidence, shoots straight and moves fast. Perhaps most important, she knows exactly who she is, and is proud to work in a business that serves her talents well. Read it here.


No. 3: How Hurricane Sandy Created 'The Perfect Storm'

Hurricane Sandy

Three years after Hurricane Sandy swept up the East Coast, homeowners are still working to collect money for the damage they sustained. It has been a long and frustrating fight for many. Media reports highlighted their efforts and some accused insurers and engineers of colluding to under-report the damage. Read it here.


No. 2: What 2016 will bring for the P&C industry

The road ahead

As natural catastrophes proved once again to be few and the Property & Casualty industry continued to be viewed as an attractive investment for alternative-capital sources looking to place their bets, carriers looking to get rate in a market made increasingly competitive — and soft — had different ideas about how to achieve growth.

Which is to say, insurers put on a brave face and wondered just how they were supposed to take back share, in conditions like these. Read it here.

PIA President Richie Clements' personal and professional resurrection

Richie Clements

A right turn onto a residential street in Gentilly, a middle-class neighborhood typical of so many like it in this country, reveals a secret hidden in plain sight—one that reflects the stark contrast between lives reclaimed and lives lost.

It's quiet, which isn't uncommon at this time of the morning. Most folks who live here are at work or school. Proud, working-class homes dot the street, sporting fresh paint, new roofs and well-manicured lawns.

Yet something is missing.

It's found in the spaces you suddenly notice between the houses, the gaps that separate these individual pockets of humanity.

Our driver and tour guide parks his truck and we step out onto the street, where the reality of life in New Orleans a decade after Hurricane Katrina is brought into sharp focus—and it hits you like a hammer that a family once lived here, in this 50-foot-wide lot where a house once stood.

Not even the concrete slabs upon which these houses are built remain; just an empty lot now reclaimed by St. Augustine grass. The only telltale sign is the address, spray-painted in yellow on the curb.

This area was hit hard 10 years ago during Hurricane Katrina, when floodwaters breached the walls of the London Avenue Canal and poured in, relentlessly pushing countless homes past the point of reclamation. Across the entire city, the storm's impact is still felt. Time will not erase it—certainly not only 10 years’ time.

“I don't know if you ever get over it,” says Richie Clements, his tone resigned. “I don't know if you should.” Read more here.

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