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Top 10 States for Wind Power Growth

Although California still tops the list for megawatts of wind power installed in 2011, states like Ohio, South Dakota and Iowa are increasingly turning to wind power as an alternative energy source, according to a new study by the American Wind Energy Assn. (AWEA).

The U.S. wind industry installed more than 6,810 megawatts (MW) in 2011, a 31 percent increase over 2010, and has more than 8,300 MW currently under construction in 31 states and Puerto Rico, according to the U.S. Wind Industry Fourth Quarter 2011 Market Report. The cumulative installed wind capacity in the U.S. grew 17 percent from 2010, and now totals 46,919 MW.


No. 1: Texas (unchanged from 2010 ranking)


No. 2: Iowa (unchanged from 2010 ranking)


No. 3: California (unchanged from 2010 ranking)


No. 4: Illinois (2010 ranking, No. 5)


No. 5: Minnesota (2010 ranking, No. 4)


No. 6: Washington (Unchanged from 2010 ranking)


No. 7: Oregon (Unchanged from 2010 ranking)


No. 8: Colorado (Unchanged from 2010 ranking)


No. 9: Oklahoma (Unchanged from 2010 ranking)


No. 10: North Dakota (Unchanged from 2010 ranking)

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