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Advertorial: Our Brand Promise for Subrogation Services

Spartan Recoveries LLC

Client satisfaction is a term used to measure how products and or services supplied by a company meet or exceed the expectations of its clients. It provides a metric that management can use to monitor and improve their business processes. Client satisfaction is also a point of differentiation in a competitive marketplace. Perhaps most importantly, client satisfaction leads to client loyalty.

To achieve client loyalty, Spartan Recoveries LLC, a leading provider of subrogation services, has created a client-focused culture for both internal and external customers. Our investment in improving the client experience and consistency in providing top-notch service has instilled trust and created our brand promise. Becoming a trusted partner with a deep understanding of our client's business objectives has on occasion created an awareness of what our client needs before they realize they need it.

Spartan has focused on the development of subrogation specific technology and the continuous improvement of our recovery processes to create our brand promise of unparalleled service. When performing forensic file reviews on open or closed claims, our advanced technology allows us to efficiently and effectively review large quantities of client claims data and quickly identify cases where a recovery opportunity exists, while excluding claims where there is no subrogation potential. Our proprietary investigation workspace dramatically reduces the time needed to extract critical data in support of our identification and subrogation processes, moving cases quickly into the recovery workspace. Our time and resources can focus on aggressively pursuing responsible parties for the recovery of paid claim dollars, which has a direct impact on the profitability of our clients.

Regardless if a client chooses our Full Outsourcing Program or our Referred File Services, our brand promise and level of commitment to client satisfaction is resolute. Other Spartan services include a Subro Sweep Program where we search for supplemental payments made after a successful recovery so that no dollars are left behind. Clients using our First Notice of Loss Program are confident the subrogation process is starting early so as to preserve any evidence needed to support a theory of liability for property losses or to make sure all parties are aware of our clients interest in workers' comp claims.

Spartan takes great pride in our speed to delivery of net recovery checks because we know how important it is to our client's success in meeting their recovery goals. Special projects such as our Arbitration Management program are completed expeditiously so our clients can rest assured their right to recovery is being preserved. The Arbitration Management Program showcases Spartan's ability to expertly write contentions in support of a theory of liability. Our recovery specialists have the knowledge and experience to adeptly gather the necessary evidence to assemble detailed demand packages, resulting in our ability to deliver successful outcomes to our clients

The management team at Spartan believes 100 percent transparency in our recovery processes is the only way to instill trust. That's why our contracted clients are given full access to our proprietary recovery platform, SpartanRMS™ where they can view the status of our recovery process in real-time, instead of having to wait for monthly or quarterly reports. SpartanRMS™ was created by and for recovery professionals who have worked in claims and recovery in the insurance industry, and whose experience enabled them to design a system that is second to none. The logical, easy to use platform has proven to be a valuable tool for both Spartan and Spartan Client users.

Many years of industry experience and an unwavering desire to develop strong partnerships is what drives Spartan management to conduct Subro Awareness Training for our clients at no cost. It helps us develop a rapport with the client's staff and assist in identifying deficiencies so we can be a better resource. As insurance claims professionals, we take pride in pursuing subrogation regardless of the dollar value of a claim and/or the likelihood of a successful recovery because we know how important recovery dollars are to the financial success of our business partners. And now, more than ever the claims experience frequently determines if a policyholder will remain a customer or make the move to another carrier. The recovery of the policy deductible may play a key role in that decision.

In today's environment, businesses can experience many different types of success. For Spartan Recoveries, delivering positive outcomes, integrity, transparency in services and an unyielding commitment to providing an exceptional client experience is our success and our brand promise of Superior Technology — Outstanding Results. Experience our brand promise with our no-obligation Trial Program and we are confident you will become a loyal client too!

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