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16 of the coolest P&C insurer mobile apps

These free smartphone apps appeal to drivers, homeowners, insurance pros and policyholders

By providing a tool that can be used on a regular basis, insurers can engage customers on a regular basis, not just when a claim is filed. (Photo: Thinkstock)
By providing a tool that can be used on a regular basis, insurers can engage customers on a regular basis, not just when a claim is filed. (Photo: Thinkstock)

As smartphones and tablets have grown in popularity, it has become pretty common for insurance companies to have a basic mobile app for policyholders to pay bills, file claims and handle other basic tasks. But you might be surprised at the apps available for free (often for customers and non-customers alike) to improve driving skills, prepare a home inventory, shop for a new vehicle, track cyber attacks or hurricanes, and more.

Check out and download these 16 handy mobile apps offered by property and casualty insurers. Most are available for both iOS and Android platforms:

Allstate Drivewise app


Allstate Drivewise
drivewise app

View your driving stats and get relevant tips on how to become a safer and smarter driver with Drivewise. Allstate customers can earn discounts or cash back on their premiums. But Drivewise is also available to those not insured by Allstate — earn reward points and redeem them for merchandise, gift cards and other items. 

Simply drive like normal — no need to start and stop the app with each trip.

Allstate GoodRide app

Allstate GoodRide

Goodrider app

Log all the details when hitting the open road on your motorcycle with GoodRide. The app helps keep track of all your repairs and maintenance, track your miles and share routes with friends. With everything from the rider checklist to local weather and gas, GoodRide also helps you prepare before you hit the road. 

State Farm CarCapture app

State Farm CarCapture

CarCapture app

If you're shopping for a new car, CarCapture can make the process a snap. If you see a car you like, just take a picture of the back and the vehicle recognition app will reveal the exact make and model, the market value (as determined by Edmunds), local dealerships that carry it and even a State Farm auto insurance quote. 

State Farm Driver Feedback app

State Farm Driver Feedback

DriverFeedback app

Built to help drivers of all ages, Driver Feedback provides helpful tips on your driving habits using accelerometer recording technology that measures your acceleration, braking and cornering.

Take your driving to the next level!

Digital Locker app


Allstate Digital Locker

Digital Locker app

Use Digital Locker to create an inventory of your home's items and store your information securely in the cloud. Use the application from a mobile device or desktop to keep a detailed visual catalog of your valuables.

Organize your personal property by room or category, take and store photos of your items, and even estimate their value.

American Family Dream Vault mobile app

American Family Insurance DreamVault

DreamVault app

The DreamVault home inventory app lets you keep an inventory of your belongings. DreamVault lets you upload pictures and descriptions of your belongings and organize them any way you prefer.

If you ever have a claim or need to report something stolen, the information is right at your fingertips — accessible anytime, anywhere in the world from a computer or smartphone.

Liberty Mutual Home Gallery mobile app

Liberty Mutual Home Gallery

Home Gallery appWith Home Gallery you can document your possessions and keep track of purchase date, price, model number and the item's location in your home. You can upload details on your phone, then export your inventory as a spreadsheet or PDF for easy sharing or as a back up in case your phone is ever lost or damage.

MetLife Infinity mobile app

MetLife Infinity

MetLife Infinity mobile appThe Infinity app enables you to record and share photos of milestones, vacations, or everyday life with people who will always be able to access them. Collections can be built over a period of years and released to desired recipients immediately, on a specific date, or when the user's account has been changed to inactive.

Infinity also provides cloud storage for critical information including passports, birth certificates, and of course, financial and insurance documents. From secret family recipes to your family history, Infinity preserves what matters, for your kids — and grandkids — to enjoy for decades to come. And all of it is password-protected and permanently backed up, safe and sound.

State Farm MoveTools mobile app

State Farm MoveTools

MoveTools appMoving made easier using your tablet and this MoveTools app. No more cramming stuff in boxes at the last minute or wondering where your toaster went. Now you can virtually pack every room in your house, stay organized, and create packing labels that display the contents of boxes without opening them.

AIG CyberEdge mobile app

Safety and risk

AIG CyberEdge

cyberedge app

 With CyberEdge, you get global cyber information at your fingertips. A Data Breach Threat Map displays breaches from around the world, plus you get up-to-date cyber news, opinion and risk analysis.


Allianz TravelSmart mobile app

Allianz TravelSmart

TravelSmart appThe Allianz Global Assistance TravelSmart app gives you immediate access to medical information and support you may need while traveling abroad. The international hospital directory enables you to view a list of hospitals by country and locate each via GPS. An easy-to-use drug translator and first aid dictionary provides helpful terms and medical tips.

The app is also equipped with a full list of emergency contact telephone numbers, for the police, fire and ambulance service. Again, all of this is available by country.

Nationwide Make Safe Happen mobile app

Nationwide Make Safe Happen

MakesSafeHappen appIn an effort to make homes safer for children, Nationwide released its Make Safe Happen app in collaboration with the Nationwide Children's Hospital, the Center for Injury Research and Policy, and a grant from the Nationwide Foundation.

The app allows you to record the age of each child then access a safety checklist and specific advice for each room in the house, including the kitchen, living room, bedroom, stairway, and bathroom. Caregivers can also use the app to purchase safety equipment from Amazon and add reminders to their calendar.

Security First Mobile app

Security First Insurance Security First Mobile

securitryfirst appMake sure you’re prepared for any weather condition — especially hurricanes. Whether you're a customer or not, Security First Mobile  keeps you up-to-date with the local weather in your area. The app has tools to help you prepare for storm season with a hurricane preparedness checklist and the ability to track hurricanes on a custom map.

Zurich Risk Grading What If? mobile app

Zurich Risk Grading What If?

WhatIf? appThis app's primary purpose is to provide insight into how Zurich risk engineers assess certain operational risks and provide best practice advice. You can develop What if? scenarios to see the impact of risk improvement advice on a risk grading completed by a Zurich risk engineer. 

Do you want to know the impact of your property or liability risk improvements your exposure and how insurers may underwrite you? Evaluate the impact of several risk improvement opportunities whether windstorm, fire, business interruption or liability risks, compare different scenarios. Great app for risk managers, property managers, safety officers (or paranoid individuals with no insurable risk) to assess the impact of risk mitigation strategies on the business.

Allstate QuickFoto Claim mobile app


Allstate QuickFoto Claim

QuickFoto Claim appIf you're an Allstate policyholder, QuickFoto Claim allow you to file an auto claim involving minor damage (not for major crashes or accident) by taking photos of the vehicle damage with your phone and upload the images via the mobile app. After you send the photos, you are notified via the app when the estimate has been completed and is available.

Esurance video appraisal

Esurance Video Appraisal

video appraisal appEsurance policyholders can use Video Appraisal to chat in real time with appraisers after filing a claim. During the call, your appraiser will activate the camera and show you how (and where) to video the damage on your car. Your inspection will be just as detailed as having the appraiser there in person.

When it's all done, you'll get an estimate and, in some cases, payment the same day — allowing you to schedule your repairs and get back behind the wheel with less hassle and time.

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