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Mobilizing producers to make the sale

Insurance firms that most quickly leverage producer mobility can gain competitive advantage.
Insurance firms that most quickly leverage producer mobility can gain competitive advantage.

While most of the dialog around mobility in the financial services has focused on the customer experience, leading insurance firms are exploring the benefits of mobilizing their producers.

And it’s no wonder. Current producers are already carrying smartphones and tablets in unprecedented numbers—whether they’re using them for work or not. Plus, your next generation of representatives spent most of their educational career on mobile devices and they expect to bring their collaborative experiences with them.

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Also, the consurmerization of IT and the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving insurance consumers—whether commercial or individual customers—to expect their insurance representatives to be more mobile and agile. After all, why spend resources travelling to an insurance agent’s office when that representative could come to you?

Going beyond mobile claims

In other words, it’s no longer good enough to think of mobility as only a claims function. Insurance firms that most quickly leverage producer mobility can gain competitive advantage. Laggards not only risk losing market share, but being left behind.

While pushing out policy quote and issuance applications to mobile devices is still a work in progress for most insurance firms, your organization can still provide producers with mobility options right now.

Leveraging sales enablement

One such option is sales enablement, which bridges marketing and sales silos to provide every producer with the ability to systematically deliver a personalized, one-on-one customer experience.

By leveraging a sales enablement solution, your producers can build rich, brand-centric presentations—with a few swipes or clicks—from a secure content repository populated by your organization. Presentation templates can be placed in the repository to ensure brand consistency along with content ranging from multi-media options, such as videos, to more static information like pie charts or bar graphs.

Advanced sales enablement tools also permit real-time data feeds from existing external and internal sources, allowing for more feeds to be incorporated as back-end insurance systems and processes permit. In addition, robust sales enablement solutions include integration with various CRM solutions, like, enabling your CRM to serve up content appropriate to each selling situation.

Analytics empower producers

Sales enablement solutions can also empower your producers by providing analytics around prospect and customer interactions with supplied content. This eliminates the worn-out question ‘did you have a chance to review the materials I sent you?’

With sales enablement analytics, producers know when to engage and can gain valuable insights by soliciting appropriate feedback, like ‘tell me what you thought of our report on reducing commercial fleet claims?’

Compliant, cost-effective cloud

Perhaps best of all, sales enablement can be adopted as a SaaS-based solution. As with most cloud-delivered applications, SaaS-based sales enablement can ensure all types content—whether text, logos, data, images or videos—can be managed in a streamlined, compliant manner without adding IT infrastructure complexity or administration costs.

In short, a cloud-based sales enablement solution allows your organization to begin mobilizing your producers regardless of where your firm is along the mobility spectrum. In turn, this supports your brand as an insurance innovator, especially among young entrepreneurial business owners, and helps keep your organization in the game.

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