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30 best paying college majors: 2015

The rankings are based on data collected by from 1,000 universities and 207 different bachelor’s degrees

PayScale's best paying college degree rankings include a collection of math, science, technology and engineering majors.
PayScale's best paying college degree rankings include a collection of math, science, technology and engineering majors.

It might not take a rocket scientist to guess which college majors lead to the highest paying jobs, but being one would put you near the top of the salary pyramid. That’s because the so-called STEM jobs (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) dominate the 30 highest paying jobs. So parents would do well to make sure the kids pay attention in all those math and science classes.

If the humanities are more your speed, philosophy majors have the highest earning potential after 10 years of experience.

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The rankings below are based on data collected by from 1,000 universities and include graduates with bachelor’s degrees in 207 disciplines. The universities surveyed include 86% of U.S. schools with an enrollment of more than 5,000 and 56% of schools with enrollment over 1,000.

Take a look at the 30 Best Paying College Majors for 2015, ranked by starting salary:

blackboard with math equations

30. Applied Mathematics

Starting Salary: $54,300

Mid-Career Salary: $96,500 (21st)

29. Supply Chain Management

Starting Salary: $54,800

Mid-Career Salary: $83,600 (51st)

 stock market graph

28. Statistics

Starting Salary: $54,900

Mid-Career Salary: $103,100 (14th)

27. Civil Engineering

Salary: $55,100

Mid-Career Salary: $93,400 (24th)

computer engineers looking at equipment

26. Civil & Environmental Engineering

Starting Salary: $55,900

Mid-Career Salary: $91,800 (27th)

25. Management Information Systems

Starting Salary: $56,300

Mid-Career Salary: $95,500 (22nd)

mechanical engineering drawings

24. Mechanical Engineering Technology

Starting Salary: $56,600

Mid-Career Salary: $85,400 (44th, tie)

23. ( tie) Business & Information Technology

Starting Salary: $56,900

Mid-Career Salary: $99,100 (18th)

23. (tie) Nursing

Starting Salary: $56,900

Mid-Career Salary: $73,600 (89th)

Construction supervisors looking at plans

21. Architectural Engineering

Starting Salary: $57,000

Mid-Career Salary: $90,400 (28th, tie)

20. Physics

Starting Salary: $57,200

Mid-Career Salary: $105,100 (11th, tie)


19. Electrical Engineering Technology

Starting Salary: $58,900

Mid-Career Salary: $88,200 (39th)

18. Biomedical Engineering

Starting Salary: $59,600

Mid-Career Salary: $92,200  (32nd, tie)

businessman working on laptop

17. Business Information Systems

Starting Salary: $59,800

Mid-Career Salary: $85,100 (32nd, tie)

16. Actuarial Mathematics

Starting Salary: $60,800

Mid-Career Salary: $119,600 (2nd)

computer repairman working on hard drive

15. Computer Science

Starting Salary: $61,600

Mid-Career Salary: $103,600 (13th)

14. Software Engineering

Starting Salary: $61,700

Mid-Career Salary: $99,800 (17th) 

man working on mechanical equipment

13. Industrial Engineering

Starting Salary: $61,900

Mid-Career Salary: $97,200 (20th)

12. Mechanical Engineering

Starting Salary: $62,100

Mid-Career Salary: $101,600 (15th)

scientist working in a lab

11. Computer Science & Mathematics

Starting Salary: $63,200

Mid-Career Salary: $101,400 (16th)

10. Materials Science & Engineering

Starting Salary: $64,000

Mid-Career Salary: $105,100 (11th)


9. Electronics & Communications Engineering

Starting Salary: $64,100

Mid-Career Salary: $113,200 (5th)

8. Aerospace Engineering

Starting Salary: $64,700

Mid-Career Salary: $107,900 (9th, tie)

man working on electrical equipment

7. Electrical Engineering

Starting Salary: $65,900

Mid-Career Salary: $107,900 (9th, tie)

6. Electrical & Computer Engineering

Starting Salary: $66,500

Mid-Career Salary: $113,000 (6th)

nuclear engineer looking at computer screens

5. Computer Science & Engineering

Starting Salary: $66,700

Mid-Career Salary: $112,600 (6th, tie)

4. Nuclear Engineering

Starting Salary: $67,000

Mid-Career Salary: $118,800 (3rd)

chemical engineer working in lab

3. Computer Engineering

Starting Salary: $67,300

Mid-Career Salary: $108,600 (8th)

2. Chemical Engineering

Starting Salary: $69,600

Mid-Career Salary: $116,700 (4th)

Petroleum engineer looking at an oil well

1. Petroleum Engineering

Starting Salary: $102,300

Mid-Career Salary: $176,300 (1st)

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