Insurance protection for sports stadiums: What's at stake?

FM Global's Ronnie Gibson speaks to PC360 about the specific risks for sports stadiums and arenas in this edition of "Risks in Focus."

Earthquake, Windstorm & Fire (& Flood): These are the top risks for sports stadiums and arenas, according to Ronnie Gibson, vice president, staff engineering manager and chief engineer at FM Global.

Sports stadiums and arenas are incredible structures that can be home to one sports team or teams from two completely different sports (i.e. Madison Square Garden in New York is home to both a hockey and basketball team -- and Billy Joel). They also host concerts, trade shows, and conferences. With so much going on inside, many teams work with risk managers and engineers to make sure these structures are built with their specific risks in mind.

NU-PC360 speaks with Gibson about the risks sports stadiums face, and how his team of engineers works with risk managers to mitigate these threats -- even before the structures are built.

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