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6 New Year’s Resolutions for Young Agents

Millennials share their professional goals and insights to become better agents in 2014

2014 is almost here, which means a flurry of New Year’s Resolutions are upon us. The New Year provides a fresh start, and while many will strive to achieve personal goals such as getting more exercise, losing weight or breaking a bad habit, 2014 can grant the opportunity to develop professionally as well.

It is too late to change what has happened in 2013, but agents can learn from their experiences to better serve clients in the future. Six young agents have shared their insights on how they plan to improve and achieve their professional goals in the coming year.

Whitney Simonetti: Own the Future

Pursuing a new role in the industry can be daunting, but with adequate preparation and determination, taking your career to the next level can be extremely rewarding.

 Ashley Hunter: Make Time to Unwind

Jonathan Lohman: Network to Your Advantage

Expanding the breadth of industry resources can be the ultimate asset for agents. Creating a knowledge-sharing network between businesses as well as within the office can help agents provide better services to clients.

Brent Kelly: Do it "Write"

A business is only as good as its writing, and whether an agent is composing a 140-character tweet for the company’s Twitter feed or writing an email to a respected client, what we say (and how we say it), is critical in maintaining positive relationships among clients and coworkers.

Bryan Fontenot: Implement Tech

We're in a technological age, and with all of the apps available on the market, agents can use these tools to better connect with clients, coworkers and stay organized in the office. Because technology is such an integral part of the office, though, excessive connectivity can be stressful to manage.

Rachael Rizzi: Get Involved

Part of the fun of being in the insurance industry is working with organizations and groups that relate to your interests. Whether it is a national educational program or a local team, connecting with other professionals through organizations can be a rewarding learning experience.

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