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Top 10 Stolen Cars in 2012: NICB Hot Wheels List

The annually anticipated Hot Wheels report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau has been expanded.

According to NICB, the top 10 most stolen vehicles will appear by make and model only with its corresponding theft total, but the report also includes various models years with their correspnding theft totals.

At left is another new feature: a list of the top model-year 2012 vehicles stolen in 2012.

The NICB report incorporates all NCIC theft records to produce national and state lists of most-stolen vehicles. The report includes all theft data, whether or not a vehcile is insured.

Click ahead to find out the Top 10 most stolen vehicles (all model years)in 2012 and some additional information/tips...

10. Nissan Maxima--Theft Total: 6,947


NICB says the FBI is predicting a slight uptick in 2012 vehicle thefts with nearly 725,000 total. But That's still a 50 percent decrease since 1991, which was teh peak year for stolen cars at 1,661,738. 

9. Nissan Altima--Theft Total: 9,169


"Did I see this before?" you ask. Not exactly. A recent report/list from the Highway Loss Data Institute looked at vehicles associated with a theft claim, not thefts of entire vehicles.

8. Acura Integra--Theft Total: 9,555


This model is no longer produced. Honda made it from 1985-2006. But it remains popular in auto racing.

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

7. Dodge Pickup--Theft Total: 11,755


Apparently thieves dig pickups, which occupy 4 of the top 5 spots and 6 of the top 10 on the Highway Loss Data Institute list because many pickup claims involve the theft of equipment from the truck bed.

(AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi)

6. Dodge Caravan--Theft Total: 11,799


The pioneer of the family minivan, in production since 1984, is apprently a favorite of thieves.

Older cars typically make up the majority of the list because they are easier to steal and their parts are more valuable.

(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

5. Toyota Camry--Theft Total: 16,251


This model is also No. 4 on the list of Top 2012 models stolen last year. The model (1991) was also on NICB's 2011 most-stolen list.

(AP Photo/General Motors)

4. Chevrolet Pickup--Theft Total: 23,745


NICB says one layer of protection to prevent theft is common sense. Lock your doors. Many thefts happen because owners make it easy for thieves.

(AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

3. Ford Pickup--Theft Total: 26,770


Ford pickups also appear on the list of most-stolen 2012 models, with 595. The model is sixth among all 2012 models.

2. Honda Civic--Theft Total: 47,037


Though vehicles made by Honda are often stolen, the cars are typically older. New models are rarely stolen due to anti-theft technology.

1. Honda Accord--Theft Total: 58,596


The 1996 Accord led the list with 8,637 thefts. Accords and Civics occupy the first 16 spots of most-stolen cars (model years 1990-2000).

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