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The 'In-N-Out' Urge and Claims Efficiency

Getting It Right, One Burger (Or Claim) At A Time...

Editor's Note: This article has been provided by Christopher Tidball, a claims consultant and author of the PC360 "Blocking and Tackling" blog, as well as various books.

During a recent discussion with a friend, he commented on the “In-N-Out” t-shirt I was wearing. As the owner of a number of restaurants, he shared his fascination with how successful the In-N-Out enterprise has become in such a limited geographic market.

The Claims Connection

So what can we possibly learn from a burger joint to make our claims organizations better? In a word, plently.

Liability, along with damages, serves as the foundation of all claims. Yet, it is often cast aside in a never end quest to achieve other metrics, such as disposition. Adjusters may recognize that not addressing liability is the path of least resistance and can actually improve disposition results. But is this the right approach, especially when considering the important role that the carrier, as a fiduciary, plays in achieving accurate claims outcomes? 

While the laws vary in many states, there are some basic benchmarks against which your results can be measured. For auto carriers, a good starting point is to identify the percentage of claims on which comparative negligence was assessed. 

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