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How to Give a Bad Demo at a Product Presentation

Celent study details the wrong ways to try and close a software solution deal.

Donald Light has been in the room for hundreds of product demos as insurance software vendors try to convince carriers why the carriers should select their product. Light, director, Americas, in the property/casualty practice for the consultant and advisory firm Celent, has seen more than his fair share of disastrous demos and has detailed some of them in his latest report.

“I was involved in vendor screening for this global initiative,” he recalls. “The vendor must have had a team of eight different people there, which is a lot of head count in one room for a demo. We had no idea why at least half of them were there. Notwithstanding all those people, the vendor to a large degree ignored what the insurance company had said they wanted to see in the demo.”

Seeing a complete meltdown by the vendor is unusual, according to Light, who estimates it may happen in 10 to 15 percent of the vendor demos he has witnessed.

Not being responsive to each and every part of what the insurer has asked the vendor to present is much more common. Light estimates that happens approximately 50 percent of the time.

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