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Insurance Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts for the insurance professionals in your life.

Ever dream of owning a stake in Berkshire Hathaway? Now you can, and for under a $100: this limited-edition spin on the classic game of Monopoly features properties named after the investment powerhouse’s famous insurance ventures, including Warren Buffet himself and Charlie Munger as real estate. The Geiko Gecko makes a cameo appearance as one of six custom pewter tokens on the board.

-Anya Khalamayzer

You can find dozens of movies whose main characters work in insurance-industry professions. Here are some suggestions of insurance-related movies for the insurance professional in your life. Any of these can be purchased on Amazon.

Carrie Reynolds, co-owner of Alan Galvez Insurance, says: “My favorite is a gift certificate for a day of pampering at a local spa. This industry has a wee bit of stress. It’s nice to relax.”

Anson Thompson of The Thompson Group recommends the new Google Chromebook. “[I] just picked up a new Chromebook for $199, it’s functional and loads fast.”

Some sell insurance for the glory; some do it for the money. Others simply do it for the love of insurance. For them, we suggest the “I Love Insurance” tee, which comes in a variety of colors—and is guaranteed (though not by NU) to elicit laughs at the agency picnic.

-Shawn Moynihan

Items monogrammed with the “World’s Best” moniker make for classic holiday gifts. This World’s Best Insurance Agent ornament spreads heart-warming holiday cheer that can be hung in an insurance agent’s office or on a Christmas tree.

-Caterina Pontoriero

Looking for that perfect gift for someone with tired bones, muscle strain, or seeking relief from a migraine? There’s an old fashion remedy that does the trick—the ice bag. Simple, reusable, and environmentally friendly, the ice bag has been used for decades for all sorts of alignments: fever, mending muscles after a taxing workout or heavy physical labor, or giving relief for that splitting headache.

Great for any agent or businessman trying to relieve that pounding head after a stressful day at the office or one too many drinks the morning after a conference party.

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