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Insurance Miracles

Despite distractions, insurance assures, comforts and re-builds.

Virginia slumped back in her office chair, emotionally and physically drained. She had known when she got in the agency business there would be days it just seemed the roof was going to fall in and you could never catch up. Dad’s dinner table conversations over the years had made that clear. But she hadn’t planned that such days would become not the exception, but the rule.

Virginia heard a knock at her open door. There he stood, a bit grayer and with a few more battle scars, but still the man who raised her and created the agency she now stood to inherit—assuming she could keep it and herself afloat.

Dear Sir:

My supervisor says there is no such thing as insurance anymore; it’s all just financial services and cash flow. I think he’s wrong. Will you please tell me if there is really such a thing as insurance?

Virginia looked up, clearing her throat. “Wow. That does put things in a different light, doesn’t it?”

Dad nodded. “When I first saw that article almost 20 years ago I couldn’t help thinking it was the kind of question you would ask me. ‘ It has never been totally about markets, and marketing, and tools, or even policies. It’s about how what we do affects lives every day. Whether our clients always realize that or not, it’s important that we do. You know how I feel about this business and how proud I am you decided to join me. And on those days when it just seems too much and the future bleak, maybe you’ll reread that article and it will keep you keep going-- until maybe one day you’ll find yourself handing over a copy to Stephanie.”

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