King of the Road: Managing Quality Distribution’s Extreme Exposures on America’s Highways

With 7,500 trailers transporting cargo that includes lethal chemicals, Mike McDonald has to steer his firm past a truckload of risk-management challenges

Potentially explosive cargo, stressful week-long drives and unpredictable weather conditions are just a few of the many risks trucking-company Quality Distribution Inc. (QD) has to overcome in transporting bulk items for clients such as DuPont, Bayer, Sunoco, ExxonMobil, Procter & Gamble and Unilever.

Since many of the goods carried by QD’s trucks—among them plastics, dry and liquid food-grade items, and oil—will eventually be processed into other items, the contents of its trucks are typically in highly concentrated forms that can be poisonous or flammable if spilled.

Additionally, QD maintains two call centers—one dedicated to claims and another to ERM issues—staffed by a total of 17 employees and seven full-time risk professionals who address both its insured and enterprise risks.

In situations such as equipment impairment, accidents or spills, the claims center gets the call.

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