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Being There: 2 Key Technology Tools Make Remote Work Possible

By Frank Sentner, Chief Operating Officer, Work At Home Vintage Employees LLC (WAHVE) 

Just about every week, an independent agency owner or agent asks me some version of this question: “How is remote computing from hundreds or thousands of miles away just as secure as sitting at a computer in the main office?”

What’s needed on the server and in the office to make this happen? The network must have an open TCP (transmission control protocol) port and either have a workstation within the corporate network or a desktop services server with virtual desktops for the RDC user to operate remotely. These need some initial setup work but typically add little cost to an existing system. 

It’s RDP that gives users access to shared files and allows them to use local and network printers and devices. To get techy, one security requirement of RDP sessions is 128-bit encryption using an RC4 encryption algorithm and support for transport layer security (TLS) 1.0 on both the client and the server. Again, for the non-geeks out there, these tools already exist in many environments. 

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