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Readers Rank Top 10 Best Insurance Commercials on TV

Earlier this month, the PC360 editorial team presented our picks for the top 10 best insurance commercials on TV. In no particular order, we listed the commercials and embedded the video so that readers could watch and then weigh in on which commercial they thought deserved the distinction as the “best.” Over 1,500 of you voted, and the results are in.

With 27.3 percent of the votes (441 total) is Allstate’s Mayhem commercials, making it PC360 readers’ choice for the best commercial. Here is a new Mayhem commercial that wasn’t featured in the original article.


See where readers ranked your favorite commercial in the results list below.

1. Allstate: Mayhem – 27.3%

2. State Farm: State of Unrest – 20.3%

3. Travelers: Dog – 17.5%

4. State Farm: State of Regret – 11%

5. Farmers: University of Farmers – 9.9%

6. Geico: Little Piggy – 6.4%

7. Progressive: Pants on Fire – 3.3%

8. AXA: Experienced Drivers – 2.2%

9. Nationwide: World’s Greatest Spokesperson – 2.1%

Some readers commented with commercials they felt were missing from the list, including Liberty Mutual’s “Responsibility”-themed commercials, featured below.

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