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Top 10 Best Insurance Commercials on TV

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Insurers know the power of advertising, so it’s no surprise that they are the producers of some of the best commercials on television. Whether they’re funny or touching, these commercials leave an impression on consumers’ minds that they keep with them when deciding who to go to when they need coverage for home and auto.

The following are the best insurance commercials currently on TV, as selected by the editorial team. These commercials made an impression on us, either through a hilarious spokesperson, adorable animal or just plain bizarre situation.

Click “next” to go through, in no particular order, the best insurance commercials on TV now—and let us know if we missed any of your favorites by commenting below!

Update: The voting has closed! Click here to see if readers voted your favorite commercial number one.

Editor’s  Note: One of Liberty Mutual’s “Responsibility”-themed commercials, originally on our Top 10 list, was removed at the insurer’s request on the afternoon of May 1. In its place, and in recognition of the international nature of the P&C industry, we have replaced it with a hilarious commercial from the U.K.

State Farm: State of Unrest

Can you call your insurance and speak to an agent at three in the morning? In its “State of Unrest” commercial, State Farm sends the message that its representatives are ready to handle any claim at any time—and in a nice, pressed pair of khakis.

Allstate: Mayhem

You may know Dean Winters as a television actor, appearing on shows such as 30 Rock. But you definitely know him as “Mayhem” in Allstate’s popular ad campaign. Mayhem was a unanimous selection for the best commercials—the real trouble was figuring out which was “the best.”

Progressive: Pants on Fire

Progressive’s commercial spokesperson “Flo” is admittedly getting old, but the addition of two awkward insurance clerks from a nameless rival company has breathed some life back into the campaign. The lying rivals—who are called out for claiming they offer a service that is only available from Progressive—sends customers the message that they should stick with a company they trust, or else they could end up losing their “pantalones.”


AXA: Experienced Drivers

What if we walked the way that we drive? AXA poses this question in a U.K. ad for its rewards system for experienced drivers. Would your inexperience be evident, or would you be reaping the benefits of your experience?

Nationwide: World’s Greatest Spokesperson

Nationwide’s World’s Greatest Spokesperson campaign features “the world’s greatest spokesperson” appearing with a microphone at the side of customers in trouble—echoing the company’s slogan and the commercials’ closing jingle of “Nationwide is on your side.” In this commercial, he is sitting next to a customer in his overturned vehicle, delivering the bad news that the car is most likely totaled. However, he brings some good news and cheerful banter to make light of the situation, and make customers feel comfortable and safe with Nationwide on their side.

State Farm: State of Regret

In an effort to keep its current customers, State Farm spells out how turning to another insurer that looks better on the outside can actually cause regret—and lets customers know that it’s OK to “let it out.”

Travelers: Dog

Dogs are advertising gold, and Travelers knows it. The company has been featuring an adorable scruffy dog in a series of ads that show how Travelers can cover home and auto and reward customers for “good behavior.” In this particular ad, the Travelers dog falls in love and soon finds he needs more protection than ever before.

Farmers: University of Farmers

Farmers agents get hands-on training from Professor Nathaniel Burke, played by actor J.K. Simmons, in the company’s University of Farmers ad campaign. From larger-than-life dryer fire demonstrations to a classroom full of the critters who run into the road and cause car crashes, the University commercials tend to be rather kooky, but manage to teach a lesson and demonstrate that Farmers’ agents know what they’re talking about.

Geico: Little Piggy

Geico has had some great advertising campaigns, including its “Good News” ads, talking gecko mascot and even the TV series-inspiring (albeit short-lived) Caveman. But while these are all overplayed at this point, the recent Rhetorical Questions campaign, featuring Mike McGlone’s serious demeanor posing silly-yet-obvious rhetorical questions, introduced one the company’s latest best campaigns. Crying “wee wee wee” all the way home, Little Piggy Maxwell delivers laughs while boosting brand loyalty with a generation that has come to enjoy Geico commercials.

Allstate: Mayhem

Everyone has their personal favorite Mayhem commercial, posing the question: “Are there any Mayhem commercials that aren’t good?” It was tough to narrow it down, but these are two of our favorites.

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