State Farm: Texas Twister Brings Close to 9,000 Claims

NU Online News Service, April 5, 1:34 p.m. EST

The nation’s number one homeowner’s insurer says it received close to 9,000 claims in the wake of the Texas tornado that struck the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas vicinity on Tuesday, causing much damage but no fatalities.

State Farm says as of mid-night last night it had counted a total of 8,950 claims primarily from auto insurance policyholders.

On the homeowners side, the company says it received 2,426 claims of which 134 were severe claims where the structures were uninhabitable.

For automobile, it received 6,524 claims of which 988 the autos were not drivable.

SLIDE SHOW: Twisters Destroy Homes In Texas

A spokesman says in an e-mail that staffing needs are continually being evaluated and the company has brought an additional 200 catastrophe service team members in to augument Texas field associates, agents and agent’s staff.

Yesterday, reports were that more than a dozen tornadoes touched down in the suburbs of Dallas-Ft. Worth damaging hundreds of homes and causing what appeared to be significant damage to at least one trucking outfit.

Reports are putting at least one tornado at a top speed of 165 mph.

Others are reporting that the Red Cross is saying about 650 homes were made uninhabitable.

There have been no reports of deaths so far, but about 17 people were injured and some are being called critical.

The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center is giving a preliminary report of 20 tornadoes touching down in Texas on Tuesday along with 90 reports of high wind and 120 reports of severe hail throughout the country, but a large concentration in Texas.

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