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Innovation Group Enhances Suite of Products With Configuration Component

The Innovation Group, a provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) and software solutions to the insurance, fleet, automotive and property industries, releases Insurer Configurator, a new component of the Innovation Insurer suite.

Insurer Configurator is a suite of programs and services, along with a configuration toolset, that allows insurers to create, maintain, support, and control the deployment of configuration information for the Innovation Insurer suite of products. Insurer Configurator is backward compatible, enabling the decoupling of business logic from insurance applications, thereby significantly reducing deployment time through extensive use of inheritance.

"Insurer Configurator is a critical component of the Innovation Insurer suite, breaking legacy history with a robust, 'built for change' set of tools that will enable agility and flexibility across a wide array of areas, shifting control and work from IT to the business and providing configuration to eliminate the need for customization," says Andy Roberts, CEO of Innovation Group. "Insurer Configurator is a key element in our 'Rule of One' design, providing a single data model, rules engine, process engine, and configuration toolset. More importantly, it will help facilitate transition from older versions of Insurer while providing immediate business value."

Insurer Configurator has been used to support large scale projects with, complex product configurations, in multiple companies across a variety of distribution channels utilizing a SaaS deployment model. The configuration lifecycle and areas of configuration are managed by Insurer Configurator, and controlled using the work-package and release management capabilities providing source control style functions with full audit-ability across the system.

Insurer Configurator features functionality and delivers business value through:

  • Compliance and Risk Management: Full audit-ability across the system for changes and data, different brands or companies to support Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and other regulations.
  • Business Agility: Respond quicker to market changes, M&A, distribution options, new products, product changes, market growth opportunities and customer demands with the robust, flexible configuration.
  • Work-Package Management: All changes are made against a work-package that controls what is changed, by whom, with versioning automatically controlled and a full history maintained.
  • Release Management: When implementing configuration changes, the tool provides the mechanism to select individual changes for release and identifies any dependencies between work packages to ensure consistency and accuracy.

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