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The 10 Best Insurance-Company Logos

A company's logo is synonymous with its brand. In insurance, a good logo is instantly recognizable, allows customers to associate the company with important qualities like trust and protection, and establishes loyalty. A bad logo goes unnoticed.

The PC360 staff believes the 10 best logos featured—in no particular order—in this slideshow effectively represent their companies while standing out visually from those of their competitors. In a poll at the end of the slideshow, we leave it to readers to determine which of the 10 featured logos is the best.

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Fireman’s Fund, started in 1862, was named for an arrangement in which the company paid 10 percent of its profits to widows and orphans of firefighters—a mission the company continues today. The firefighter’s helmet featured in its logo not only represents the company's charitable heritage, but also sends a message that the company is dependable and courageous.

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of America's freedom. Utilizing the recognizable figure in Liberty Mutual's logo communicates a message that the company is strong, notable and reliable.

Lloyd’s logo is simple yet elegant, established, traditional and quietly powerful—much like the oldest insurer in the world.

The man in Sentry’s logo is Captain John Parker, who on April 19, 1775 rallied 77 fellow minutemen to face British troops in the first military encounter in the American Revolution. Captain Parker and his men were outnumbered, but stood firm in their conviction to secure their freedom. Parker is meant to represent Sentry’s motto: “Strength, Protection and Vigilance.”

At first glance, one might wonder what a stag has to do with insurance. But The Hartford stag is actually representative of the company’s name.

The oldest Hartford logo on record (from 1861) depicts a stag—also called a hartfording a stream, making it a natural symbol for a company called “Hartford.” The logo commands respect while also conveying a reverence for nature.


For a company founded in 1879, Tokio Marine's logo is modern, progressive and eye-catching.

The Travelers umbrella clearly symbolizes coverage, conveying a sense of protection. The insurer uses the icon effectively in its television ads—especially its popular Travelers Dog commercials—with the umbrella displayed above cars and homes, safeguarding them from the risks featured in the TV spots.

USAA was founded by a group of Army officers with the goal of providing "service for the service." Its logo conveys that message through the image of an eagle, the national bird and a symbol for the U.S. military services. A recognizble symbol to Americans, the logo expresses loyalty, honesty and integrity.

The owl, a symbol of wisdom and protection, is a key element of the W.R. Berkley Corporation logo. The owl is used constructively, communicating a sense that the company is knowledgeable about insurance and its products will offer the assurance customers are looking for.

Swiss-based insurer Zurich has a logo that features an isolated letter "Z" in a font that is striking, pronounced and solid.

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