Claims System is Another Piece of the Puzzle for XL Group

Carrier continues technology transformation with portal, mobile app.

XL Group completed a two-year deployment of its global claims system in December and as a secondary phase of the deployment the carrier has developed a mobile claims application for use by both business users and insureds.

The multi-channel customer portal was created with the help of Accenture, as part of XL’s global claims system, XL GlobalClaim. The portal provides customers with access to claims information via the XL Website and through mobile devices using the Apple Operating System for iPhone. No Android application is available yet.

The portal offers real-time access to claims-related information, such as:

  • Contact details and locations of participating XL claims handlers
  • Date of loss
  • Policy number
  • Claims status.

“It’s the next step to our global claims platform deployment,” says Paul I. Tuhy, executive vice president and global head of claims at XL. “The app is another avenue for users to access the [claims] system.”

As competitors have offered more access to their systems for business partners and insureds, XL found itself limited in this area because of its legacy systems.

“Now we’re working on access issues and part of that is allowing users directly into the system through the Internet from their laptop computer or another alternative—an app from a mobile device,” says Tuhy.

XL GlobalClaim is based on Accenture Claim Components, Accenture’s claims processing software. Accenture helped XL design and develop the customer portal and the mobile services capabilities.

“With the increasing ubiquity and usage of mobile devices, it was a priority for XL to offer its customers better access to claims information through online and mobile channels,” says Tuhy. “We had previously selected the Accenture Claim Components for the development of our global claims system and, since the software is designed for multi-channel access, we were able to also develop and implement our new customer portal rapidly and cost-efficiently.”

“With nearly two billion people connected to the Internet, and 90 percent of the world’s populationhaving access to mobile networks, digital technologies are changing the way consumers choose to interact with their insurers,” says Michael Costonis, executive director and head of Accenture Claims Services. “That’s why it’s imperative in the relationship-driven business of insurance for carriers to be able to serve their customers through new channels. By launching its multi-channel claims customer portal, XL demonstrates its capacity to innovate and take advantage of the opportunities that digital technologies present.”

XL began its claims transformation in 2008 with design work. Deployment began in 2010 with XL’sBermudaoperations and the carrier finished the rollout last December.

Tuhy cited three areas XL was seeking improvement in the claims area: ease of use, multi currency, and adaptability. XL has several different policy areas: aviation and space, marine, property & casualty, and professional D&O, among others.

“We needed a system that could adapt to all those [coverage areas] without a lot of customization and a system that was multi-currency,” says Tuhy. “We are geographically all over the world and we wanted something that would adapt to the local currency. Multi-currency was a key.”

Another important consideration for the system was the ability to deal with a separate XL initiative—going paperless, according to Tuhy.

“We went to a paperless environment and because of our different lines we had to figure out how to develop a process for first notice of loss and which parts go through ourIndiaoperation and our scanning offices,” he says. “It was neat to see how it all fit together. It’s a new age.”

Because of the paperless environment, XL personnel went through some behavioral changes, explains Tuhy.

“The IT challenges are always there, but one of the biggest challenges that people sometimes overlook is the behavioral change,” says Tuhy. “We started to look at that when we were designing the system to develop user acceptance. We found it takes about 6 to 8 months for [users] to see the benefits and almost a year before it becomes embedded in their normal routine. You have to adjust to that.”

The claims project is one piece of the technology strategy at XL Group, according to Tuhy. Pieces were added to the claims system that ultimately will accept areas where other strategic initiatives are underway, such as underwriting workstations and analytics.

“Idon’t know if claims would be the normal starting point—a lot of time it’s not—but that’s the way this worked,” he says. “We were the first ones out of the gate. It was actually helpful because a lot of the people working on the claims project gravitated into the other [initiatives] and had substantial background of working on a project of that size, so it’s actually worked out really well.”

When asked what made this project special, Tuhy immediately pointed out that the system was completed on time and significantly under budget.

“For a project this size that’s a huge win,” he says.

Beyond that, though, Tuhy explains that XL is now on one platform globally and has the ability to service accounts and customers in a seamless manner—both internal customers in underwriting and other functional areas or outside brokers and insureds.

“If someone calls me in regard to a claim inAustriaI can easily look up the claim and know what’s going on,” says Tuhy. “This makes us more consistent in our approach to claim handling and, most important, to serve our clients.”


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