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Password Secrets

Stop using anniversaries and birthdays, and get secure

It used to be if you just said the magic word "Abracadabra," you could get access to any and all sorts of wonderful things. It seemed the older we got, what was hidden on the other side of the door became less mystical but more complex in the journey of getting there.

As technology in business became an integral part of our daily workflow, securing information and controlling access turned out to be not only critical to success but legally required, as well.

For most of us, the complexity of the programming behind many of the security solutions is irrelevant as long as it works. I have downloaded a few different apps that capture and secure usernames and passwords for sites I visit frequently as well as banks and credit card or PayPal entry screens. They work to varying degrees and integrate somewhat seamlessly, but first you need to spend the time to load all the information into the apps, which in my case is no easy task.

The second issue is ensuring security into your workflow. Some apps integrate with your browser well enough so if you visit a new site that requires you to set up a username and password, it will either generate them for you or capture what you initially set them at then lock them into a "vault" so you won’t have to enter them again. These examples tend to be for personal use, although some have enterprise-level versions.

In a federated environment, there is one ID for each agent and it can work through the agency management system with different carriers. This approach works successfully in other industries and can do the same in insurance. As a result, the use or need for multiple passwords or IDs would be reduced.

This increased security exists by the mere fact that the individual user doesn’t know his or her own password so he can’t change it or inadvertently provide it to someone else, or store it on a Post-it.

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