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Safety, Return-To-Work Focus Highlight Best Workers’ Comp Programs

Award winners discuss their fears and philosophies—plus loss control, incentives and educating the C-suite

With our fifth annual National Underwriter “Awards For Excellence In Workers’ Compensation Risk Management,” sponsored by the National Council on Compensation Insurance, we again highlight examples of outstanding loss control, safety and return-to-work programs.

This year’s awards were presented to three innovative organizations:

Murphy: What makes our program unique is that we’ve done a good job of identifying the cost drivers in the program, doing a gap analysis. Our company has a strong commitment to lean manufacturing concepts, which we utilize in the administrative functions also.

We’ve also done a good job of managing what I think are the three most impactful tools to managing workers’ comp: directing care, returning to work and reporting claims quickly. We’ve made some real progress in all of those areas—and I think it adds up to the reason I’m sitting here [as an award winner].

It will take some time to educate them that injuries and workers’ comp are a part of productivity. But it’s also educating them to the human side. I had an employee seriously injured, just being moved from one level of care to the next. When I was going out to visit him one day, I asked the deputy mayor to go with me.

He went with me and saw the person in the bed with all of these things hooked up to him—he had a pretty significant brain injury, unfortunately. Seeing that made a difference. Three and four years later, I still see the difference in [the deputy mayor] when he talks about workers’ comp and safety.

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