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Many carriers are worried about the amount of data that is entering their systems on a daily basis. While some worry more about unstructured data—video, texts, email and such—at least one industry observer feels it is more important for carriers to deal with the data quality issues around their structured data.

“It’s not uncommon for us to go to insurance companies and they cannot tell a person’s first name from last name,” says Samir Ahmed, senior architect, X by 2. “They have a name field that someone typed in first name, last name or last name, first name. It may be a mainframe system with two name fields.”


The social media content integration that Ahmed sees among insurers is purely at the Web content level.

“There are not many doing a full integration of user-generated content into their main articles,” he says. “What is more common is the ability to comment on articles, to “like” something, and tweet a link to something. We’ve seen a few that did go that route and look at positive customer reaction and incorporate that content.”

Where that impacts workflow for carriers is they have to incorporate the monitoring of comments and tweets in their workflow and then they have to extract the content from the comments, incorporate it into the main article, and publish it. There’s time and effort going toward that.”


Kay Haupert is applications director in IT for Sentry Insurance and one of her responsibilities involves working with the carrier’s electronic publishing group. She helps build all the publishing systems and form templates.

“What we are able to expand on now is to go beyond batch,” says Haupert. “For our point of sale documents, we can actually create the documents and return a PDF immediately rather than waiting for a batch process,” says Haupert. “There were ways to do that before, but it was convoluted. This has opened that avenue as well as other distribution. With Documaker we are able to publish quickly and when they want it distributed. They can tell us in the transaction and we can react to it. Before it was either you get batch or real time, but you can’t tell us at the transaction time what you want.”


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