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Head First Into ‘Specialty Markets Insight’

As many of you know, Susanne Sclafane has left National Underwriter. As we move on, I will be putting together “Specialty Markets Insight,” writing often about excess and surplus/specialty lines.

I cannot replace Susanne. Not even close. I hated the day she left because it meant that I wouldn’t be able to see a friend and mentor every day. Her knowledge about your market was astounding. I learned a heck of a lot from her.

As we move on, I will get to know everything I can about what you do—in the same manner I did when I first sat down at a desk to write about the property and casualty insurance industry four years ago.

I learned to swim when my father threw me into a pool. I now think I throw myself into things in order to learn them. I think you have to sometimes.

Of course, the insurance stories I have written have taken me to risks covered by the E&S/specialty market (contractors, entertainment, collectibles, energy, entertainment, inland marine, etc.) and some of the legislative/regulatory issues that affect you (NRRA, for example).

I’ll be able to keep from drowning, but that isn’t my goal. I’d like to keep my head above the issues and risks related to your businesses by using more than a doggie paddle. With your help, I want the E&S/specialty-focused stories I (or our experienced freelancers) write to be the best. I want them to be something you take pleasure in reading—because they are informative, because they truly provide some “insight.”

In other words, I want to continue providing the type of information you’ve come to expect from NU, and then some.  

This is an interesting segment of the industry, to say the least. I can get used to writing about the risks insured by your companies—the risks no one else will cover. These are some of the more interesting stories an insurance reporter gets to write.

Help me out. I’m here at my desk in Hoboken early most days. Many of you already know me. Call me up at (201) 426-1245. Email me at Follow me on Twitter @CTHemenway.

Put me on your email lists and send those press releases. You're probably going to get a call back, especially now as I get to know you. Tell me what you’re doing. Tell me about the issues that concern you. Do you have an idea for a submission?

In the meantime, I apologize in advance if I ask a question you’re tired of answering. I’m learning. After all, I just got tossed in the water.

But I assure you, I’m a pretty good swimmer.

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