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Just say no

Barry Zalma wrote a fantastic article, "Saying no" (AA&B February 2011). We constantly fight the added paperwork or entries into agency software. Interestingly enough, how many times do we even get from carrier training commands including "skip here" and "just go to" that make it worse? I would love to see this article be a must-read for everyone in our industry.
Gregory Nehra
Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich.

Social swimming

I'm part of the three-specialist social media within public affairs at State Farm Corporate. I read Rick Morgan and Charles Wasilewski's article "Swim through the social Web" (AA&B April 2011) and want to thank you for capturing the essence of why it's important to take a deliberate look at social media response staffing and strategy. The piece provides context around the importance and consequences the medium affords.
Matt Kelly
Bloomington, Ill.

I'm not sure if contacting the insured for not paying the premium is only in the case of an address problem, or do you mean contacting every insured on every late payment? If you mean contacting every insured on every late payment, that's not what the E&O carriers have been telling us. The company cancellation notice should be the final legal notice for non-payment of premium unless there is an address issue.
Doug Charles
Crown Point, Ind.

Zalma response: Interesting points. Fear of litigation can create the problem trying to be avoided. Agents and brokers, just like lawyers, are in a service business. They are also in business to make money.

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