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Don’t Forget Fire In Property-Protection Plans

Simple preventative steps can go a long way to keeping an organization’s assets from going up in smoke

As risk managers implement property-protection plans in preparation for an above-average hurricane season—that follows hard on one of the most active tornado seasons in U.S. history—it is no surprise that the seemingly more mundane threat of fire has been put on the back burner.

Yet while risk managers’ focus has rested, rightfully so, on the immediate threats presented by an overactive weather pattern, fire remains one of the most-costly commercial-property loss drivers. 

The drain test is a simple evaluation of the water-supply-control valves:

  • Record the static or non-flowing pressure from the rmanently attached pressure gauge.
  • J Then, open the two-inch drain valve to discharge the water and record the residual or flowing-pressure.
  • Next, close the drain valve and note how much time it takes for the pressure to return to the static level previously recorded.
  • Finally, compare pressures to previous test results to determine if there is deterioration in the water supply. 

If it takes a long time for the pressure to return to normal, this could be an indication of a partially closed water-supply-control valve. For more sophisticated testing and maintenance such as testing dry pipe systems or fire pumps, companies should hire a licensed contractor.

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