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2011 RAVE Award Winner: Policy Administration Systems

Maple Refuses to Over-Commit Resources

2011 RAVE AwardsMaple Technologies looks for the best type of relationship when it begins a partnership with an insurance carrier. Seeking the right fit has enabled Maple to be named a co-winner of a RAVE Award for its Aspire policy administration system.

“We are mindful to not over-commit our resources, so we can devote the necessary amount of time each project deserves in delivering an end product that exemplifies the expectations for each customer,” says Nicholas Teetelli, Maple’s CEO. “It’s not about sales, it’s about quality. Receiving this year’s award is a testament from our customers that we are doing the right things.”

Maple Technologies is a privately-owned, custom software design and development firm, providing custom-configured solutions to its clientele for policy and claims administration and reinsurance management, according to Teetelli.

Maple was formed by insurance people to service the insurance industry, with senior management having nearly 50 years combined direct insurance experience.

Maple Tech Customer Quote: “This vendor truly exceeded my expectations. As a small company, they did not over promise and were forthright on their capabilities and bandwidth and met our needs perfectly. I could have not been happier with their management, technicians, and the overall delivery of the final product.”

“Our Aspire Information System is a fully-contained, fully-integrated system,” says Teetelli. “Aspire’s architecture offers the flexibility to integrate with third-party systems where needed, while also offering full customization capability, to enhance its proven core client-configurable system functionality.”

Since the RAVE Awards are based on customer recognition, Teetelli points out that as a non-off-the-shelf solution provider, every Maple system configuration is about the customer and the tools they need to run their business.

“All of our development initiatives and feature-rich enhancements we introduce are customer driven to meet the most demanding expectations,” he says.

As for keeping the quality of the solution attractive to customers, Maple constantly revisits the technology to enhance user experience and performance, introduce features to streamline computing and provide the most user-friendly interfaces that are intuitive and native to the users’ business landscape.

“In 2011 we are making significant enhancements to our Aspire product, introducing a new more powerful version in 2012,” says Teetelli.



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