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2011 RAVE Award Winner: Illustrations

WELIS Shows Off Its Domain Expertise

2011 RAVE AwardsA company doesn’t get to be recognized as a “domain expert” without a strong background in the field and a company doesn’t earn a RAVE Award without its customers recognizing that expertise. That is why WELIS has been awarded a RAVE award for its Ascent product in the illustrations category.

“We understand the illustration world from a user’s perspective from having worked in the field, from a provider’s perspective due to extensive home office experience, and, of course, as a technology vendor,” according to Stephen Frederick CEO of WELIS.

“This accumulated experience is reflected in our product offerings and our sense of urgency in addressing the needs of our clients,” adds Frederick. “We regard our relationships with our clients as long-term strategic partnerships to which we feel we are totally committed.”

WELIS develops software to support the life insurance industry. Ascent is the company’s flagship product. It is a system that presents life/annuity illustrations within the context of advanced marketing scenarios.

Ascent is extensively customized for each client so they are able to showcase not only their product offerings, but also their brand and marketing strategy, explains Frederick.

He believes WELIS has the technical skills needed to understand the product mechanics. “Branding is a way of stating ‘this is who I am’ and only the client can say it,” he says. “We must listen closely to the client in order to understand the message and properly implement it for maximum effect.”

WELIS Customer Quote: “Our department has never worked with a more knowledgeable, responsive and quality driven organization than WELIS. They have “blown away” our expectations and set a very high standard for other vendors we work with to meet.”

WELIS is interested in integrating Ascent with new business, agency, and customer-facing systems for its customers.

“We have a good track record of using Web services to accomplish this integration and streamline workflow,” says Frederick. “Ironically, we stand out by blending in.”

WELIS also is looking at ways of expanding smartphone and tablet technology in the illustration space.

“This effort will continue throughout the next year as new hardware is introduced and mobile operating systems evolve,” he says.



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