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2011 RAVE Award Winner: Document Management

Loyalty Makes DocFinity Repeat Winner

2011 RAVE AwardsFor the second year in a row, Optical Image Technology’s DocFinity solution was selected as the winner of the RAVE Award in the document management category.

“Since we won last year, as well, I have to believe the reason we’re being nominated goes beyond technology,” says Jim Thumma, vice president of sales and marketing for DocFinity.

Beyond the company’s ECM and BPM capabilities, Thumma feels DocFinity enables companies to address broader issues such as operating expenses and real-time collaboration.

“Because our workflow comprises data flow—intelligence—we’re enabling companies to identify and isolate key performance indices, which helps them allocate resources, adjust priorities, and make better tactical and strategic decisions. In that way the operational improvements it precipitates and the intelligence it yields do become valuable factors in planning equations.”

Thumma is gratified that DocFinity customers nominated the company for the RAVE Award and feels the honor shows the value DocFinity provides, which derives directly from the customer input.

“How successful could we possibly be if we didn’t listen to what [our customers] have to say? We develop software, yes, but we’re a service business,” he says. “The most important service we provide to our customers is helping them do more business better. Since they’ll always know their businesses better than we will, our customers are necessarily our most important source of input for our development and enhancement efforts.”

Customer Quote: “The staff is quick to respond and make sure that the problem is fixed and all questions are answered.”

OIT released version 10 of DocFinity in the past year, but Thumma believes it is impossible to ignore the 23 years of success that preceded it.

“Rather than making the product stand out, we believe we continued to make the company stand out by standing by our customers, working on the product they want, and constantly providing the service they deserve,” says Thumma.

As for the next year, OIT has already rolled out v10.2 and will be introducing Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM), which automates records retention and disposal schedules to ensure records are accessible when needed, never destroyed prematurely, and disposed of once they fulfill mandated retention requirements.

OTHER CATEGORY WINNERS (Document Management)

2011 RAVE Awards








Hyland Customer Quote: “This is a very flexible product and can be used across multiple platforms. The choice of technology is basically up to the client. One large release per year is not intrusive and very few interim fixes are necessary.”


2011 RAVE Awards

Vertafore Customer Quote: “The business operational areas strongly resisted this change initially but now enjoy working with it and wouldn’t change.”



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