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Q&A: How Software Vendors View the Insurance Market (Part 1) technology channel editor Bob Hyle contacted a number of vendors in the insurance software space to gauge their opinions on carrier weaknesses, project management, and their partnership with carriers. What specific areas do you see the most weaknesses among insurance carriers where new technology could offer the most help?

Wendy Corman, President, North America, edge IPKWendy Corman (president, North America, edge IPK): Carriers have been heavily focused on updating existing back-end systems and getting products to the Web. While these initiatives are taking place, the demand on the industry is changing and the user base is expanding beyond the traditional. 

PC360: Are insurance carriers making the correct decisions in the area of project management to ensure they are taking the right steps from selection to implementation of software?

Mark Cummings, Principal Consultant, FIS North AmericaCummings: Selecting and implementing an enterprise platform is of critical importance to a carrier, yet not something done frequently.  This makes it all the more  imperative for carriers to establish a strong relationship with their vendor and employ good project management to track and manage resources, tasks, decisions, costs and dependencies.

PC360: Do most insurance carriers look at you as a partner in the solution process or as a vendor? Please explain. 

Joseph Pilkerton, Founder and COO, FirstBest SystemsPilkerton: Our relationship evolves as it matures. In the beginning, prospective customers may think of us as “just” a vendor. But we strive to go beyond being a mere vendor to be a trusted advisor. Our systems have been designed entirely from the client’s perspective. 

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