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The NEWS resource for buyers and sellers of P&C insurance.
PropertyCasualty360.com is where buyers and sellers have access to breaking insurance news, industry research, compliance and legal updates, training and education, technology developments, data and trends, and more. The site combines the established knowledge resources and news reporting capabilities from the experts at National Underwriter Professional Network with proprietary market data and relevant content aggregated from across the Web to create one distinct and vital information source for all P&C professionals.

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PropertyCasualty360.com is powered by these industry-leading brands:

Delivering All the Must-Have Information Insurance Professionals Need
National Underwriter Property & Casualty, the industry’s most reputable and trusted brand, delivers field-tested and sales-driven strategies along with a comprehensive blend of feature analysis and peer-to-peer content to give agents, brokers and other key insurance professionals the crucial information they need to be successful.

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Claims Magazine is the preferred resource for senior claim managers and adjusters in the field. Claims reports on insurance fraud and crime rings, emerging trends in P&C-related litigation and legislation, forensic techniques, claims management and more.

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Tech Decisions is the premier resource for keeping high-level insurance technology leaders and business professionals in the know. Tech Decisions provides insight and guidance to solve their tech problems and implement new technology solutions by focusing on four of the most critical topics in the industry today: cloud services, disaster recovery, mobile management, and business analytics.

Meet the PropertyCasualty360.com Team

  • Nichole Morford

    Editorial Lead and Manager, Digital CoE, Insurance Group

    Nichole Morford is Editorial Lead and Manager, Digital CoE, Insurance Group at ALM. Prior to joining the ALM team in 2010, she spent six years as an editor with Penguin Group, managing non-fiction titles in both the reference and lifestyle categories. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Seattle Pacific University, and is a graduate of the Columbia Publishing Course at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. A Seattle native, Nichole lived and worked in New York and the U.K. before relocating from London to Colorado in 2009. She lives with her husband and daughter in downtown Denver.

  • Shawn Moynihan


    Shawn Moynihan is Editor-In-Chief of National Underwriter Property & Casualty magazine and the Risk Channel Editor for PropertyCasualty360.com. A St. John’s University alumnus, Moynihan holds to his credit nine Jesse H. Neal Awards, the Pulitzers of the business press, and a Folio Award. Prior to joining Summit Professional Networks, he served as Managing Editor and Online Editor of Editor & Publisher, the “bible” of the newspaper industry. Moynihan also has held editorial positions at AOL, Metro and Newhouse Newspapers.

  • Rosalie Donlon

    Senior Editor

    Rosalie Donlon, senior editor at PropertyCasualty360.com, has more than 20 years of professional publishing experience as a writer, editor and content acquisition strategist. Before joining Summit Professional Networks in-house, Rosalie was the contributing author and editor of several insurance industry and legal publications, including Employment Practices Liability, Guide to Captives and Alternative Risk Financing, and 2015 Retirement Plans Facts, all published by Summit. She is a graduate of the University of Toledo College of Law and Fairfield University.

  • Patricia Harman

    Editor-in-Chief, Claims

    Patricia L. Harman joined Claims Magazine as the Editor-in-Chief in May 2014. She is responsible for all editorial pertaining to Claims, the Claims channel on PropertyCasualty360.com and the Claims Connection eNewsletter. Patti spent 18 years covering the property damage restoration industry, and has written extensively for the legal, construction, real estate and automotive industries. She is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Press Club.

  • Caterina Pontoriero

    Online Features Editor

    Caterina Pontoriero, assistant online features editor at PropertyCasualty360.com brings over four years of editorial experience to her position. Though a novice in the world of insurance, Caterina conceptualizes and edits multimedia including slideshows and videos for PropertyCasualty360.com. Prior to joining Summit Professional Networks, she worked for one year as an assistant editor with RIS News, a B2B magazine and website focusing on retail technology, and for two and a half years as associate editor of The Italian Tribune Newspaper. Caterina graduated cum laude from Monclair State University in 2010 with a B.A. in English and concentration in journalism.

  • Jayleen Heft

    Digital Content Editor

    Jayleen Heft, digital content editor for PropertyCasualty360.com, is a graduate of Colorado State University and has over 10 years’ experience as an editor, content manager, and writer. Prior to joining ALM Media, she was editor and content manager for SQL Server Pro and Colorado State University.

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