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  • How to Ensure Proper Sexual Misconduct & Molestation Coverage

    Take steps now to make sure your clients’ liability insurance doesn’t exclude coverage of crucial sexual misconduct and molestation risks.

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  • Prime Insurance Company provides solutions for very hard-to-place risks.

    Prime Insurance Company does not compete with other markets, but we will quote the business you are declining or turning away today. Our goal is to help you write more business.

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  • Tap into Opportunities from the Towing and Repossession Market

    The growth in the towing and repossession industry is expected to continue into the future. Learn how you can ensure proper coverage for these professionals.

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  • Guide: 5 Steps to Selling Cyber

    Cyber risk and data security has a spot on the agenda of every business owner and executive. Are you prepared to effectively present and sell cyber liability insurance to your clients?

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  • Instant Access Fact Sheet: What is a 'Hard-to-Place Risk'?

    Hard-to-Place Risks are being declined, rejected or canceled by the standard market, so where are they supposed to go to obtain insurance? The answer is the excess and surplus lines marketplace.

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