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Publication DateContent TitlePublicationDescriptionSpace Close Materials DueAudiencePractice AreasPOD OptionDistribution
11/4/19Expanding Your Book of Business Through Existing Clients*NU Property & CasualtyExpanding Your Book of P&C Insurance Business Through Existing Clients.10/7/1910/14/19Insuranceboth
11/1/19Claims Magazine - Nov/Dec 2019*ClaimsCybersecurity/Year in Review10/7/1910/14/19InsuranceCybersecurityboth
12/2/19Reinsurance Revisited: How Alternative Capital Changed the Game*NU Property & CasualtyReinsurance Revisited: How Alternative Capital Changed the Game.11/11/1911/18/19Insuranceboth
11/1/19Survey: Cash Management Trends & Best PracticesTreasury & RiskThis special report will present the results of our second annual reader survey on cash management.9/9/1910/7/19Companyonline
11/1/19Best of 2019Texas LawyerResults of our reader ranking survey.9/9/199/16/19Law Firmboth
11/1/19Special FOCUS Report: Labor and EmploymentTexas LawyerDevelopments in Labor & Employment9/16/199/23/19Law FirmLabor and Employmentboth
11/1/19TL Report: Bar Exam Pass RatesTexas LawyerReport on Texas bar pass rates and top scorer.9/16/199/23/19Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLaw Schools, Legal Professionboth
11/1/19In-House Texas: Special Report on The Changing Role of the GCTexas LawyerThe Changing Role of the GC9/16/199/23/19Company, Law FirmGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneys, Legal Professionboth
10/21/19Professional ExcellenceNew York Law JournalA supplement with profiles on the year's honorees, in conjunction with NYLJ's Professional Excellence event.9/16/199/20/19Company, Government, Law Firmboth
11/1/19E-DiscoveryCorporate CounselFocus on developments in e-discovery for in-house counsel.9/23/199/30/19CompanyE-discovery, General Counsel/In-house Attorneysboth
11/1/19Property & CasualtyBenefitsPROHow are brokerages addressing the growing links between benefits and P&C?9/25/1910/2/19Health Care/Medical, Insuranceboth
11/1/19Politics and BusinessBenefitsPROHow can brokers balance their views with what's best for their customers?9/25/1910/2/19Health Care/Medical, Insuranceboth
11/1/19Appellate Hot ListThe National Law JournalNLJ annual report on top appellate lawyers.9/30/1910/7/19Law Firmboth
11/1/19Best of LegalTimes 2019The National Law JournalResults from our reader ranking survey.9/30/1910/7/19Law Firmboth
11/1/19Investment Advisor-November Issue: RIAs in FocusInvestment AdvisorWhat do the latest regulatory and other industry developments mean for RIAs and RIA M&As?9/30/1910/7/19Financial Services/Banking/Accountingprint
11/1/19Trailblazers: Elite Boutique & Sports/EntertainmentThe National Law JournalThe National Law Journal recognizes professionals who have moved the needle in the legal industry.9/30/1910/7/19Law Firmboth
11/1/19The Global 200The American LawyerA ranking of the second hundred largest global aw firms.10/1/1910/8/19Law FirmLarge Firms (150+), Law Firm Management, Law Firm Profitabilityboth
11/1/19Asia 50The American LawyerAsia's largest law firms by head count.10/1/1910/8/19Law FirmLarge Firms (150+), Law Firm Managementboth
11/1/19Special Report: CanadaThe American LawyerA look at key legal and business of law trends in Canada.10/1/1910/8/19Law FirmLaw Firm Managementboth
11/1/19The American Lawyer Industry Awards PackageThe American LawyerRead about our finalists in the The American Lawyer Industry Awards, on categories from global legal awards to best law firm of th10/1/1910/8/19Law FirmLarge Firms (150+), Legal Profession, Midsize Firms (50 - 150), Small Firms/Solos (1 - 49)both
10/23/19Mortgage LendingCredit Union TimesMortgage and HELOC lending news and analysis from financial experts.10/2/1910/9/19Financial Services/Banking/AccountingBanking and Financial Institutionsboth
10/21/19Land UseConnecticut Law TribuneLand Use special section, contributed content10/7/1910/14/19Law FirmLand Use and Planningonline
10/28/19Best of 2019New Jersey Law JournalResults from our reader ranking survey.10/7/1910/14/19Law Firmboth
10/30/19FintechCredit Union TimesFintech news, updates and trends and how tech is changing the credit union landscape.10/9/1910/16/19Financial Services/Banking/AccountingBanking and Financial Institutionsboth
10/21/19Real Estate & ConstructionNew Jersey Law JournalArticles on current developments in real estate and construction law from expert practitioners.10/9/1910/14/19Construction/Engineering/Architecture, Real Estate, Law FirmLand Use and Planning, Landlord/Tenant Law, Residential and Commercial Real Estateboth
10/22/19DiversityThe Legal IntelligencerThis supplement includes practice articles and a roundtable discussion.10/11/1910/14/19Law FirmCivil Rights, Diversityboth
10/28/19Biggest Real Estate DealsDaily Business ReviewReal estate special section10/14/1910/21/19Real EstateResidential and Commercial Real Estateboth
12/1/19TL Report: Year in ReviewTexas LawyerTexas Lawyer looks at a year of legal developments and the people who shaped them.10/14/1910/21/19Company, Law FirmLegal Professionboth
11/11/19Best of 2019Daily Business ReviewResults from our reader ranking survey.10/14/1910/21/19Law Firmboth
11/6/19MarketingCredit Union TimesMarketing and public relations experts help navigate the shifting strategies of a CU's target markets.10/16/1910/23/19Financial Services/Banking/AccountingBanking and Financial Institutionsboth
10/28/19Mergers & AcquisitionsNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.10/17/1910/21/19Company, Law FirmBusiness Entitiesboth
11/4/19New England TrailblazersConnecticut Law TribuneWe are looking for agents of change in any aspect of the practice or business of law.10/21/1910/28/19Law Firmboth
12/2/19WIPL coverage - including profiles for Women in Law awardsCorporate CounselWomen, Influence & Power in Law coverage. Includes profiles of Women in Law honorees10/21/1910/28/19CompanyCareer Development, General Counsel/In-house Attorneys, Law Firm Client Relationships, Legal Professionboth
12/1/192019 Wrap Up/Industry OverviewBenefitsPROA look back at the year in benefits10/23/1910/30/19Health Care/Medical, Insuranceboth
12/1/192020 previewBenefitsPROWhat will the year ahead hold for benefits professionals?10/23/1910/30/20Health Care/Medical, Insuranceboth
11/13/19Credit/Debit CardsCredit Union TimesNews and updates from credit and debit card professionals serving the credit union industry.10/23/1910/30/19Financial Services/Banking/AccountingBanking and Financial Institutionsboth
11/4/19Diverse Attorneys of the YearNew Jersey Law JournalProfiles of "diverse" attorneys who are being recognized as outstanding in their field.10/23/1910/28/19Company, Law Firm, Organization/Association/Non-ProfitCareer Development, Diversity, Legal Professionboth
11/4/19Labor & EmploymentNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.10/24/1910/28/19Company, Government, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLabor and Employmentboth
11/5/19Labor & Employment LawThe Legal IntelligencerDevelopments in Labor & Employment from expert practitioners. Need four to six practice articles.10/25/1910/28/19Construction/Engineering/Architecture, Retail Trade and Distribution, CompanyLabor and Employmentboth
12/1/19State of LitigationThe American LawyerLitigation trends in Big Law, top litigators and matters of the year.10/28/1911/4/19Law FirmLitigatorsboth
11/8/19The 2019 Fastest Growing FirmsConsulting MagazineALM Intelligence, Consulting Q&A, Consultants on Consulting10/30/1910/25/19Consultingboth
11/8/19The 2019 Fastest Growing Firms Awards gala coverageConsulting MagazineALM Intelligence, Consulting Q&A, Consultants on Consulting10/30/1910/25/19Consultingboth
11/20/19CU Culture & Employee EngagementCredit Union TimesInformation from professionals concerning how to create a positive workforce inside your credit union.10/30/1911/6/19Financial Services/Banking/AccountingBanking and Financial Institutionsboth
11/11/19Workplace Injury & NJAJ Meadowlands Seminar GuideNew Jersey Law JournalGuide to the NJAJ Meadowlands Seminar, plus contributed articles on current topics in workplace injury law.10/30/1911/4/19Insurance, Law FirmCareer Development, Labor and Employment, Workersboth
11/4/19In-House GeorgiaDaily ReportOne article about an in-house lawyer in Georgia10/31/1910/29/19Company, Government, Law FirmGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneysboth
11/12/19LitigationNew York Law JournalTabloid report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.10/31/1911/4/19Company, Government, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLitigatorsboth
11/12/19Personal InjuryThe Legal IntelligencerDevelopments in Personal Injury from expert practitioners. Need four to six practice articles.11/1/1911/4/19Automotive, Health Care/Medical, InsurancePersonal Propertyboth
12/3/19Influencers in SENIOR HOUSINGReal Estate ForumInfluencers in SENIOR HOUSING11/4/1911/11/19Real Estateprint
12/3/19Influencers in?HEALTHCAREReal Estate ForumNomination based.11/4/1911/11/19Real Estateprint
12/3/19FOCUS on: HealthcareReal Estate ForumTop-of-mind issues as the sector enters a new year.11/4/1911/11/19Real Estateprint
12/3/192020 VisionReal Estate ForumWhat do CRE?s top thought leaders and trendsetters see for the industry in the coming year?11/4/1911/11/19Real Estateprint
12/3/19Influencers in CRE Marketing and CommunicationsReal Estate ForumInfluencers in Marketing and Communications11/4/1911/11/19Real Estateboth
12/3/19FOCUS on: CRE MarketersReal Estate ForumCommercial real estate marketing has evolved tremendously over the past decade. See how the industry is keeping up and how you can11/4/1911/11/19Real Estateprint
11/12/19Law Firm Leaders OutlookDaily Business ReviewLaw firm special report11/4/1911/5/19Law FirmLegal Professionboth
12/2/19Investment Advisor-December Issue: Year in ReviewInvestment AdvisorA review of the biggest news of the past 12 months and what these developments represent for the coming year.11/4/1911/11/19Financial Services/Banking/Accountingprint
11/19/19Pennsylvania TrailblazersThe Legal IntelligencerWe are looking for agents of change in any aspect of the practice or business of law.11/4/1911/11/19Law Firmboth
11/27/19MergersCredit Union TimesA look at the shifting landscape of credit unions due to mergers and acquisitions.11/6/1911/13/19Financial Services/Banking/AccountingBanking and Financial Institutionsboth
11/18/19NJ LawNew Jersey Law JournalA collection of data regarding the legal profession in New Jersey, gathered and analyzed over the last year.11/6/1911/11/19Company, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneys, Large Firms (150+), Law Department Management, Law Firm Management, Law Firm Profitabilityboth
12/2/19Daily Business Review's Top Verdicts & Settlements of FloridaDaily Business ReviewThis publication featured the highest ranking cases of Florida.11/11/1911/15/19Company, Government, Law FirmLitigatorsonline
11/25/19Alternative Dispute ResolutionNew York Law JournalTabloid report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.11/14/1911/18/19Company, Government, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityAlternative Dispute Resolution, Litigatorsboth
12/11/19Innovative ThinkingCredit Union TimesA look inside the minds of CU leaders who are approaching the industry with a different mindset for their employees & members.11/20/1911/27/19Financial Services/Banking/AccountingBanking and Financial Institutionsboth
12/2/19CybersecurityNew Jersey Law JournalContributed articles from legal technology experts on developments in the area of cybersecurity.11/20/1911/25/19Computers/Information Technology, Company, Law FirmCybersecurity, E-discovery, Trial Technologyboth
12/6/19The 2019 Women Leaders in Consulting Award gala coverageConsulting MagazineTravel Advisory: Airlines11/27/1911/22/19Consultingboth
12/18/19Extra Special TimesCredit Union TimesA look back on 2018 and the good things happening inside CUs & the positive things employees are doing out in their communities.11/27/1912/4/19Financial Services/Banking/AccountingBanking and Financial Institutionsboth
12/6/19The 2019 Women Leaders in ConsultingConsulting MagazineALM Intelligence, Consulting Q&A, Consultants on Consulting, Book It11/27/1911/22/19Educationboth
12/2/19In-House GeorgiaDaily ReportReport for/about in-house counsel: practiioner insights and in-house profile11/28/1911/26/19Company, Government, Law FirmGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneysboth
12/12/19The British Legal Awards 2019: Who Won What, and Why...Legal WeekFull details of the winning entries at The British Legal Awards11/28/1912/2/19Law FirmGeneral Counsel/In-house Attorneys, Law Department Management, Law Firm Management, Law Firm Profitabilityonline
12/9/19White-Collar CrimeNew York Law JournalROP report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic. aturturro@alm.com11/28/1912/2/19Company, Government, Law FirmWhite Collar Crimeboth
12/10/19PaLaw2019The Legal IntelligencerData, charts, articles on the year in law.11/29/1912/2/19Law FirmLaw Firm Partners, Law Firm Profitability, Law Schoolsboth
12/9/19Most Effective LawyersDaily Business ReviewAnnual awards to the Most Effective Lawyers in South Florida12/2/1912/4/19Law FirmLegal Professionboth
1/1/20Investment Advisor-January Issue 2020: Advisors and TechnologyInvestment AdvisorWhat industry VIPs think about how advisors can best embrace automation, AI and other technological innovation to drive growth.12/2/1912/9/19Financial Services/Banking/Accountingprint
12/16/19Product Liability & Class ActionNew Jersey Law JournalContributed articles on current developments in these areas of law from expert practitioners.12/4/1912/9/19Company, Law Firm, Organization/Association/Non-ProfitCivil Procedure, Consumer Protection, Products Liabilityboth
12/16/19LitigationNew York Law JournalTabloid report will contain four to six bylined articles on the referenced topic.12/5/1912/9/19Company, Government, Law Firm, Law School/UniversityLitigatorsboth
2/1/20Women in Wealth InnovationInvestment AdvisorWhat female VIPs in wealth management are doing to transform the business.12/31/191/6/20Financial Services/Banking/Accountingboth


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