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“Thinking Beyond DRP to Deliver More Customer Choice, Better Service”

Your Customers Want Choices


Open Shop Will Revolutionize the Way You Do Business

Open Shop is the industry's first tool to provide insurance carriers with the ability toelectronically send assignments to repair facilities outside of their DRP network. Assignments are accepted and estimates electronically returned by shops for approval. Open Shop is the latest offering for the CCC ONE® platform that enhances collaboration between repairers and insurance carriers and improves the ability for each to betterserve their mutual consumer.

CCC introduces Open Shop, part of the CCC ONE® Platform, to provide carriers:

Choice – To send assignments to any shop, based on customer preference,

allowing for improved customer satisfaction.

Network – To access the largest open network of shops communicating through

CCC, even if they are not part of your existing DRP program.

Seamless – To provide non-DRP shops with seamless access to your workflow

process, ensuring estimates are written in adherence to your guidelines.

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