Kevin Glennon, RN, BSN, CWCP

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  • Kevin Glennon, RN, BSN, CWCP

    Kevin Glennon is vice president of clinical education and quality assurance programs at One Call Care Management. He has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare, encompassing clinical and claims management for workers’ compensation, auto and general liability. His background includes medical case management of complex and catastrophic injuries and long-term disabilities. As VP of Clinical Programs, Kevin manages an extensive clinical education and quality assurance program for home-care providers, and an in-house staff that oversees medical care coordination for post-discharge injuries. He also partners with One Call’s rehab specialists to provide solutions for both short and long-term claims.


    As a well-recognized participant and officer for local, regional, and national organizations and associations, Kevin conducts educational programs for claims executives, claims handlers, case managers, and other administration and management personnel. He can be reached at

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