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  • Kabir Syed

    Kabir Syed is founder and CEO of RiskMatch(TM). During the course of his 20-year insurance industry career he has held leadership positions in marketing, strategic planning, operations and analytics. Along the way, he has built a reputation as a thought leader in the creation of innovative market relationship management platforms, advanced risk benchmarking tools, and sales and marketing analytics.

    Before establishing RiskMatch, Mr. Syed held positions of increasing managerial responsibility with Marsh Inc., culminating as Managing Director, Strategy & Operations for the firm’s U.S. Global Risk Management business. While at Marsh, he established and led many of the firm’s strategic units and business tools, including: the analytical unit; the global risk benchmarking platform, and MarketConnect™, a proprietary service for insurance carriers. He also managed the National Industry Practice leaders operations.

    Mr. Syed began his career with NCCI, the largest insurance company in the Middle East, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and subsequently joined Johnson & Higgins in New York, where he held positions in Global Sales& Marketing. 

    He is the inventor of two US patents:  (8335701 B1) “System and method for determining opportunities and peer information for insurance policies” and (8,666,788) "Systems and methods for facilitating an insurance marketplace for negotiations among brokers and insurance carriers."

    Mr. Syed earned an MBA from Thunderbird-School of Global Management.

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