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  • Beth Ossino

    Beth Ossino is Assistant Vice President, Claims Manager, at Golden Bear Insurance Company, where she is responsible for managing the Claims Department overseeing large exposure property damage claims, catastrophic injury/fatality claims, and intellectual property claims.

    Prior to joining Golden Bear, Beth was a claims consultant at Delta Adjusting Company, where she handled a variety of first and third-party claims for Golden Bear Insurance Company, Golden Bear Management Corporation and M. J. Hall and Company, Inc.  She also served as a claims representative for Truck Insurance Exchange. She began her insurance career as a multi-line adjuster with Farmers Insurance.

    Beth also served as president of the Mid Valley Claims Association, and is affiliated with the Northern California Fraud Investigators and the International Association of Special Investigation Units. She is on the Board of Directors for the Haven of Peace, a local homeless shelter for women and their children, and the Edison High School Alumni Association.

    She holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from San Francisco State University and an associate degree in claims from the Insurance Institute of America. She can be reached at

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